A foundation based on yarn

Yarn is at the origin of all our creations – the warp-yarns in the length, the weft-yarns in the width.

We work with yarns in silk, cotton and even polyester, adapting the elements in response to our clients requirements in terms of softness; flexibility; ease of maintenance or indeed robustness.


The workings of a loom

The warp yarns are installed on the loom, and then connected to our mechanical jacquard looms by frames: each warp yarn is passed by hand, one by one, through a metal barrette.

These same yarns are then passed in the same order through a comb: which serves to keep each warp yarn in place during the weaving process, thus determining the width of the ribbon


The Jacquard loom

The Jacquard is operated using a system of perforated cardboard, the perforations act to either raise or lower the warp yarns independently of all others.

The jacquard card technique is often replaced by software, however we choose to still use the ancient techniques on our jacquard looms whenever the ribbon requires.


The shuttles

As their name suggests, shuttles make ‘round trips’ through the warp. They pass one after the other to form the background and the colours of the pattern.

They act, more or less in function of the crossing of the gears: this action reveals the desired pattern.


The weaving

Once the preparation work and adjustment is finalised, weaving can begin, and thus begins the waltz of the shuttles, shot after shot, pass after pass, the ribbon is born.


Our know-how at your service

Our special looms can weave all kinds of materials, from natural to synthetic or metallic, and make sophisticated weaving : tridimensional, tubular, multilayer,…



With our cutting-edge CAO textile software for jacquard weaving, we are able to work out sophisticated ribbons and webbings.



JULIEN FAURE dedicates 10% of its annual turnover to R & D. For our luxury & haute couture clientele, we rely on a highly skilled team and a fleet of 50 Jacquard shuttle looms, from the more ancient (150 years old) to our 21st Century looms.



Textile straps for watches, RFID technology,... the alliance of our know-how and the diversity of our machines allows us to develop a very wide diversity, bringing a solution to every expectation.

Julien Faure