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Haute-couture ribbons

Our specialty: narrow weaving

There are all kinds of ribbons and ways of making ribbon.

Some ribbons consist in cloth cut into strips, others are braided or manufactured from raw textiles and subsequently dyed; our ribbons are recognizable among thousands of others as they are still woven according to time-honored traditions.



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Creators of ribbons since 1864

Our ribbons are woven with dyed yarns in France, at St Just St Rambert near Saint-Etienne.

Preparation of the yarn (twisting, dyeing) is performed by our local partners; the design, warping, weaving and finishing is carried out in our workshops.

Having struck a balance between modernity and tradition, Julien Faure draws on experience passed down from generation to generation. Working on shuttle looms with Jacquard mechanisms opens up a vast range of possibilities for our products.

You thought you knew about ribbon? Embark on a voyage of discovery.

High-precision expertise

Every yarn counts, every detail has its importance: our quest for excellence is made possible by the precision of our highly qualified staff.

To achieve this result, we use entirely restored Jacquard looms which are over 150 years old as well as looms designed and manufactured by us which reproduce the weaving of these old looms.

Our machines thus enable us to weave products that modern machines can no longer produce.



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